*Universal 1.2x OCA (HA-1.2x)  for All H-Alpha scopes with1.25" Diagonals $149.

All scopes user instructions for above 1.2x H-A OCA corrector Except 50+ Lunt.


Most Lunt scopes will need this adaptor (See instructions below)Add $30

50mm-152mm+ Lunt User instructions for above 1.2x H-A OCA corrector.

Baader/Maxbright may also need this 1.25" nosepiece w/T2 top to attach to binoviewer and use the OCA.


** PST 1.3x OCA (PST-1.3x)  - $129  See review click here.

User instructions for above 1.3x PST corrector


 Recommended eyepiece ranges for PST: 8mm-40mm  50x Max


Below is  what can be used and seen with the new optical correctors that allows the PST or any other H- Alpha Telescope to be used with a Camera and binoviewer. 

These simple plug and play correctors are all you need to have comfortable 2 eye viewing with your TV, AP, Denk, BN, Burgess, SV, WO, Celestron, Orion  and most other binoviewers you can think of.

This Photo taken with a PST and a Black night binoviewer using a 19mm Ultra. Camera hand held.  

These optical correctors can be use with any Binoviewer in any H-Alpha telescope. Some thought that the PST could never use a binoviewer because of its limitations, but this is no longer the case. Shown here is the 1.5x corrector that has been discontinued in favor of the 1.3x corrector..

More H-A info


**Universal 1.3x OCA for PST -- all binoviewers.

The 1.3x  is an advanced corrector in their composition. You can use it with any binoviewer. Televue, AP Badder, BW-Optics, Denkmeier, Siebert  Black Night Series and any $200 category binoviewer such as Burgess,  Williams Optics, Stellarvue etc...... 

Eyepieces in the 9mm - 30mm range are best.  Universal 1.3x OCA


*Zero profile 1.2x OCA for All H-Alpha scopes 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 90mm CA with 1.25" diagonals

This is a great corrector and is very easy to use. It also works on regular refractors when using a 1.25" diagonal and gives the same low magnification and razor sharp images.

Eyepieces.. Any and all 1.25" format that does not over magnify image.







60mm Lunt instructions below. >>>Look at the Arrows direction. >>>







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