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If you own a binoviewer that need alignment Click here.

Announcing Body and Optical Supercharging for your Binoviewer.  Basic service $249

Make your already Good binoviewer into one of the best on the market. And that means like TV and Denk 2 models. Units that can be Supercharged: includes: Burgess, Celestron, Orion, Williams Optics, Stellarvue, Moon Fish, Baader, and any other "like" Binoviewer you can think of. See details below.  Check here to see if your binoviewer qualifies for this upgrade or see bottom of this ad. 

The Clear aperture is enlargered and needs to be well Baffle to avoid off Axis reflections. If you see them in your bino baffling is lacking.  

Diopter Video>>>Click here More here>>>1 - 2 - 3 <Right Click and choose (save link as) to download and save.

Self Centering Dioptors Instruction Videos Click Here. 


WO with SiebertOptics Self Centering Diopters



Yes this upgrade can make your binoviewer work on the order of a Binoviewer costing $900+ This conversion will widen the CA or "Clear Aperture" Micro Baffle your prisms instead of just stopping them down at the eyepiece holders as they do now. The prisms in your binoviewer are very big and can be made available for use by this Detailed upgrade.

Many of  the binoviewers listed above have very nice eyepiece holders and large Multi- Coated prisms. They have the shortest optical Path of any Quality binoviewer. The body is as well constructed as are most other Quality binoviewers. But they lack the attention to detail that could make them truly great binoviewers.

So why spend $900 or more when for $250 you can send them in for an Body and optical Supercharging. (To include my eyepiece holders as pictured below add $100) Not only will it improve them Optically for use with better and lower power eyepieces but the Prisms will be properly held in place as seen below and the sides will come back properly reattached and not glued on. The prisms will also be properly baffled and the internal Dia of the body will be widened.

As you have noticed these binoviewer usually come packaged with a set of 20mm WA or 23mm standard. This is all they can handle because they have been stopped down at the eyepiece holder to make up for their lack of proper baffling throughout the unit. The result is if you try to put those 32mm 50 deg ep's in you feel like you are looking though a set of soda straws. With this service you will now be able to use eyepieces better suited for Deepsky viewing. Like 24mm Panoptic's or my 24mm SWA Ultra's. You will find using these or even lower power eyepiece very useful. Combine this with one of my low power x1 or 1.3x OCA correctors and your scope becomes a truly outstanding deep sky instrument. If you don't have one of these binoviewers you can pick them up cheap on the net or get one of mine on the Black Night Dielectric page. Siebertoptics performs these conversions with as much care as possible but although it is rare we can not be responsible for the possible minor cosmetic issues that might result from conversion.   If you have questions Call or email.   HarrySiebert@nc.rr.com or  919 553 3980

These units are Guaranteed for 2 years with free collimation services. All you pay is shipping.

See below details of the conversion.

These Binoviewers have so much going for them. Now you can unleash their full potential with a simple upgrade and start enjoying what so many others have experienced in the higher levels of the binoviewing hobby.




Unlike the binoviewers above that are newer and have 25mm Prisms the ones below are older and can only be opened up to 22mm at the bottom of the binoviewer prism entrance and at the eyepiece holders. They actually start out stopped down to 20mm making them vignette considerably. If the unit is open to 22mm it makes using 25mm eyepieces work well. Even my 28mm WA shows no obvious vignette in most scopes particularly when my eyepiece holders are used. With the larger CA and the fact my eyepiece holders are a bit taller then the stock holders, it gives the light coming through some time to spread out again. This avoids a hard vignette. Any edge darkening is very subdued.





Binoviewer Alignment Services.


If you own a binoviewer that needs alignment you have come to the right place.

 What I have said on my Binocular page I will say here as well since I have found that customers who have had problems with their binoviewers have had similar experiences.

Do you have a Denk / Baader / TV or any one of the many binoviewer series out there that won't merge or just does not "Feel right".  

Your first reaction might be to send them back to the factory that made them. This might not be your best option and here is why...


I have repaired many Binoculars and Binoviewers that had previously been sent back to the ""Factory"" for repair first. They either came back untouched or even worse then before. And the cost was very very high. The sad part was that the repairs on these units turned out to be not very difficult to make. I have been manufacturing Binoviewers and repairing binoculars for 16 years. I have developed a very sophisticated alignment process. With the correct combination of laser and visual alignment, Binoculars and Binoviewers can be made to performed at their best. My basic service is $99 and will let you know if the unit needs more extensive service costing more. My max price is about $200. To date I have never failed to resolve an issue so I do not believe your's will be the first.  They come with a 60 day guaranty

















































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